must wear 1860’s clothing

Fontella Knowlton:  Founder of The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive, Owner of Rafter F Cattle Co, LLC.

Trail Boss:  The Trail Boss oversees the trail logistics, Chuck Wagons and Trail Foreman, reports to Fontella.

Trail Foreman:  Assists the Trail Boss and Cow Boss and fills the position of either absence, oversees all local foremen. Reports to the Trail Boss and Fontella.

Cow Boss:  Takes calls regarding consignments of cattle which includes type of cattle, how many cattle, detail of consignments, feeding and care of the cattle, the drovers and schedule and reports to Fontella.

Through Drovers:  Takes care of and herds the cattle under the direction of the Cow Boss.

All Part Time Drovers:  Takes direction from the Local Area Foreman and Cow Boss.

OutRiders:  Under the direction of their assigned Drover and Cow Boss. (Guest Riders that pay to participate)

Chuck Wagons:  Responsible for feeding the Crew. Reports to the Trail Boss.

Volunteers:  Reports to Local Area Foreman.

Local Area Foreman:  In charge of their local assigned area. Responsibilities are: keep in route, locate appropriate number of assisting drovers, locate hay, water, feed, food for wagons and coordinate with the proper authorities to ensure safe and lawful passage in your area. 

  • Secure safe route and camps (these should be pledged) contracts will be later.
  • Coordinate with all authorities; law enforcement, judges, highway department, railroad, fire department, emergency management systems.
  • Plan inclimate weather shelters for all crew (Trail Boss Fontella will stay with herd).
  • Obtain water for cooking, drinking, and showers.
  • Secure plenty of volunteers to assist in clean up of camps, road guards, transporting supplies, and laundry services.
  • Plan local assisting drovers for the week.  You and your drovers and horses will be fed for one week (Sunday 5pm-Sunday 5pm).
  • Locals will not be monetarily compensated, with exception of foreman.\
  • Inform your local area and coordinate festivities, i.e. cook-offs, cowboy music, cowboy poetry, gunfights (all activities would be separate from cattle drive).

Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive Application Form

Thank you for your interest in working with us & this historical event. Please check below for available job opportunities as well as volunteer positions. MUST WEAR 1860's CLOTHING!! If additional information is needed, you will be contacted.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.
  • List references. At least one (1) reference is required.