The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive 2018…… Experience History on the Hoof

From Indian Territory a single herd of cattle found its way to Kansas along a wagon trail that Jesse Chisholm used to trade with native tribes. Once they reached the Arkansas River, it was a straight shot across open prairie to the cattleman’s version of the Promised Land. At Abilene, the cattle business was King and drovers became knights of a new era in America.

Over 150 years later we are about to do it again ~Texas to Kansas ~ Cattle, Horses, Drovers, Chuck wagons and dust will combine in a once-in- a-lifetime epic event.

The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive 2018 celebrates the system of trails that link a network of trails into the most famous cattle trail in history! When the trail boss gives the order “Head ‘em up! Move ‘em out!” those big Texas Longhorns will walk the trail of destiny. You know you will want to be there! “It’s History On The Hoof!”