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In 1867 the first herd of cattle arrived at the Great Western Stock Yards in Abilene, KS, which established, a successful, historical 4-year cattle drive market from Texas to Kansas.  Join, Rafter F Cattle Co for a historical reenactment of this cattle drive in the Spring of 2018.


     The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive was conceived to honor the drovers who faced the challenge of the long drive; trailing their way into history with their iconic Texas Longhorns from 1867 to 1871.  The 2018 drive administered by Rafter F Cattle Company, LLC, Founder Fontella Knowlton will begin Spring 2018.  For the next 10 weeks, through drovers will drive 150 head of Longhorn Cattle over 500 miles across Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas with arrival in Abilene, Kansas on Memorial Day Weekend 2018.  Cattle, Horses, Drovers, Chuck Wagons and dust will combine in a once-in-a-lifetime epic event.  Texas Longhorn Cattle will be consigned to the drive.  Where possible, the drive will follow the system of trails associated with the delivery of cattle to Abilene at the height of its influence on the era.  The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive is expected to build excitement toward the final weekend in Abilene, culminating with a Grand Auction.

     A minimum of 2 chuck wagons will travel with the drovers and support crew.  Support will be directed be an overall Logistics Manager responsible for transfer of pickups and trailers, livestock water tanks, water delivery, etc., behind the scene elements essential to the success of the drive.

     The public is welcome to visit each camp as drovers make their way across three states to the end of the trail.  Communities will have ample opportunity to celebrate the passing trail herd.  Reenactments, music, historic presentations, cook-offs, and good hometown fun are the ingredients for unforgettable memories.

    The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive will also be documented by Flying T Entertainment giving comprehensive visibility not only to the direct participants, but to the products of participating sponsors.  The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive is sure to touch the imaginations of untold numbers of people, and win the world over.  It’s history on the hoof!


    Rafter F Cattle Company is committed to producing a select organization of quality people capable of accomplishing an extraordinary task that will be one for the ages.  Our primary responsibility will be the welfare of cattle, horses, drovers, as we “point them north” to the end of the trail.  Drovers and support staff will be fed by the official Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive chuck wagons.  The public will be fed by community supported public chuck wagons when they are available.

     A tremendous opportunity awaits every community along the corridor of the cattle trail to Abilene.  Communities will undoubtedly want to seize that opportunity.  Rafter F Cattle Company encourages community events such as Western entertainers and chuck wagon feeds at designated locations associated with the cow camp.


    The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive will bring a once in a lifetime experience to everyone involved.  Communities will mark their place in history with the arrival of the Longhorns in 2018. Historical museums will naturally create exhibits surrounding local trail driving history.  The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive sponsors’ products will be displayed in a number of venues: exhibits, media, posters, cattle drive equipment, banners, etc.

     The filming of The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive by Flying T Entertainment will highlight the significance of this historical period amplifying the impact of the drive beyond the dusty trail into America’s living rooms.  This epic event will be remembered long after the cattle are gone, and we unsaddle our horses.

     The Texas Longhorn breed will be showcased as they steadily march toward Abilene like their predecessors did 150 years ago. The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive will educate the community about the historical significance on how the cattle industry emerged in the West. You will want to take advantage of this promotional opportunity. Donations can be made to the Rafter F Cattle Company,LLC.

     The Western lifestyle will be showcased throughout the many weeks on the trail providing the opportunity to present the significant historic past way of life to modern world.

     Perhaps the greatest impact will be that of bringing an actual trail drive to the public.  History is relative and the personal connection will be unforgettable.

     Outriders (guest riders) are allowed to ride for a fee of $1800/week and must be experienced with cattle and horses and will be assigned to a through drover for job duties and will be with them and not pushed to the back.

     All crew visible to cameras must wear authentic clothing.